Physical Address: NASTaP @ Glen Isle Resort, 573 Old Stagecoach Road, Bailey, CO 80421

Mailing Address: NASTaP, P.O. Box 609, Indian Hills, CO 80454 * 720-924-1060 *

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About NASTaP

The Association for Native American Sacred Trees and Places (NASTaP) was founded to inspire discovery, appreciation, and conservation of culturally modified trees and places held sacred to Native Americans.  Our purpose embraces:

  • Culturally Modified Trees (CMTs)

  • Modified stones, stacked rocks, and rock art

  • Ceremonial landmarks and landscapes

  • Native American natural science

  • Stewardship of the earth, land, water, and sky

After many years of devotion and planning by founders John Anderson and Dr. James Jefferson, along with the many people they inspired, NASTaP was founded on December 27, 2017. It was incorporated on February 1, 2018 as a Colorado nonprofit serving an international audience, and was recognized by the IRS as a 501 (c)(3) charitable nonprofit organization on February 27, 2018. The organization is governed by an active Board of Directors with the guidance and collaboration of an Advisory Board. Membership is open to individuals, households, organizations, colleges and universities, governmental agencies, and other groups.
















Contact Us

Physical Address

NASTaP @ Glen Isle Resort

573 Old Stagecoach Road

Bailey, CO 80421

Mailing Address


P.O. Box 609

Indian Hills, CO  80454


Board of Directors


Dr. James Jefferson, Southern Ute elder.
Ignacio, Colorado

Vice President

Laura Nelson, Littleton, CO


Heidi Wigand-Nicely, Colorado Springs


Mike Vitek, Larkspur, Colorado

Member at Large

Fran Purkey, Pine Bluffs, Wy

Member at Large

Bill Tannenbaum, Bailey, CO

Athabascan Tribal Member

Advisory Council

Advisor and        Co-founder

John Anderson

MBA, TEDx Speaker, Published Author.  30 years public safety experience, including 8 years as Sheriff of El Paso County, Colorado and 10 years corporate experience. Author of four books including: Ute Indian Prayer Trees of the Pikes Peak Region and Native American Prayer Trees of Colorado.


Natalie Cole-McDonald


Stephen A. Bain, Attorney

Welborn Sullivan Meck & Tooley, P.C.


Vicki Danielsen


MariRosa Donisi

BA, MA, PhD, Experimental Psychology.  

30 years of experience in systems engineering, network design and integration, and network management. 

"When I am not working, I love exploring the great outdoors and I am fascinated by the CMTs in Colorado.  They are a cultural treasure.”


Steve Nelson

Advisor and     

Janet Shown

MSW, Social Work, BS, Journalism. 30 years of experience in nonprofit management, training, event management, and writing.

"Since I semi-retired from a career in the nonprofit and education sectors, I'm able to indulge my passion for finding and learning about Native American CMTs and sacred sites, and sharing that passion with others."  


Kelly Tannenbaum


Barry Trester


Kay Van Cleave

Retired Business owner 30+ years in International and Domestic Services.

"Having been raised close to a Native American Reservation, I have respect for their belief that Creator gave all things a Spirit and a purpose. For me, preserving Native history, sacred sites, and the CMT’s is a passion.  Such historical treasures must not be forgotten, unrecognized, or destroyed.  Preservation is key for future generations."


Krystal Matyi

Background in Environmental And Cultural studies.  Degree in Evironmental Economics. Environmental Consultant and Avid artist and muralist.  Enjoys the outdoors and connection with nature.  Seeks to bring appreciation, preservation and reverence for Historical and Cultural Indiginous artifacts and areas.