Inspire discovery, appreciation and conservation of culturally modified trees and places held sacred to Native Americans.


The Association for Native American Sacred Trees and Places encourages an awakening to and preservation of history and culture held sacred to Native Americans.


Advocacy of indigenous culture.


Integrity • Mindfulness • Unified Vision • Stewardship

Board of Directors

Dr. James Jefferson
Dr. James JeffersonPresident and Cofounder
Southern Ute elder. Ignacio, Colorado (Nuuchiu/Ute)
Linda Davies
Linda DaviesSecretary
Mike Vitek
Mike VitekTreasurer
Marlene Brown
Marlene BrownMembership Chair
Bill Tannenbaum
Bill TannenbaumMember at Large
Athabascan Tribal Member
Janet Shown
Janet ShownMember at Large

Advisory Council

John Anderson
John Anderson Co-founder
MBA, TEDx Speaker, Published Author. 30 years public safety experience, including eight years as Sheriff of El Paso County, Colorado and ten years corporate experience. Multiple-book author including: Ute Indian Prayer Trees of the Pikes Peak Region and Native American Prayer Trees of Colorado.
Janet Shown
Janet ShownAdvisor and Co-founder
MSW, Social Work, BS, Journalism. 30 years of experience in nonprofit management, training, event management and writing.
Stephen A. Bain,
Stephen A. Bain, Advisor, Legal Counsel
Attorney | Welborn Sullivan Meck & Tooley, P.C.
Vickie Danielsen
Vickie DanielsenAdvisor, Web Administrator
Artist, Editor, Educator, Photographer
Cindy Goodburn
Cindy GoodburnAdvisor, Technical Coordination
Steve Nelson
Steve NelsonAdvisor
Susie Petersen
Susie PetersenAdvisor
Barry Trester
Barry TresterAdvisor
Kay Van Cleave
Kay Van CleaveAdvisor
Retired business owner 30+ years in International and Domestic Services.