Our mission:


Founded February 1, 2018, the Association for Native American Sacred Trees and Places  (NASTaP) inspires discovery, appreciation, and conservation of culturally modified trees and places held sacred to Native Americans. 

Our purpose is inclusive of:

  • Culturally Modified Trees (CMTs)

  • Modified stones, stacked rocks, and rock art

  • Ceremonial landmarks and landscapes

  • Native American natural science

  • Stewardship of the earth, land, water, and sky

Guiding Principles:

· No one person, tribe, or group has all the answers or is the single authority on Native American sacred trees and places.

· Together, we can conduct better research, identification, interpretation, documentation, education, and conservation.

· We strive for cultural appreciation, not appropriation.

· Our activities are inclusive of all tribes and non-native people who wish to research, discover, understand, share, appreciate, and conserve Native American sacred trees and places.

Members and visitors enjoy a NASTaP CMT tour 

NASTaP co-founder, John Anderson, points out features on a CMT
demonstrating human modification

Inspiration is here
Our Services

With so many opportunities to learn, research, share, tour, and teach, you're sure to find yourself on a journey of discovery and fulfillment with NASTaP!

  • Educational presentations

  • Consultation

  • Native American and non-native natural science learning opportunities

  • Identification and documentation
  • Tours

  • Conferences and seminars

  • Publications

  • Training and mentorships for tribal youth

  • Program and tour leader training

  • Assistance to public and private landowners in protecting and preserving Native American sacred trees and places.

Headquarters at historic
Glen Isle Resort, Bailey, CO

Built on a previous Native American encampment, Glen Isle Resort in Bailey, CO is being restored to heyday glory with a mixture of Native American influences, rustic decor and luxurious comforts. Native American modified trees and other landmarks have been identified at Glen Isle. Cabins and lodge rooms are now open to the public.


NASTaP is proud to partner with the Glen Isle owners, Mary Ruth and Greg Vincent, in honoring Glen Isle's Native American past and teaching new generations about the legacy left by native peoples over thousands of years in the region, state and nation. Find them online at Glen Isle Resort or follow them on Facebook here.

  • Become a member

  • Schedule a presentation at your HOA, club, civic organization, college or university, government agency, faith community, or other group

  • Explore with Native American and non-native scientists and foresters

  • Join our tours, conferences and seminars

  • Share your scientific or professional expertise

  • Volunteer

  • Become a presenter or tour guide

  • Make a financial contribution

  • Donate land or make bequests

Get Involved
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Membership Privileges
  • Tour, seminar, and conference discounts

  • Membership forums

  • Member social media pages, blogs, and vlogs

  • Newsletters and publications

  • Early notifications for tours, seminars, and conferences

  • Opportunity to work with Native American and non-native scientists, foresters, and mentors

  • Book-signings and publication events

  • Autographed books when available


Board of Directors
  • President, Dr. James Jefferson,  Ignacio, CO

  • VicePresident,  Laura Nelson,  Littleton, CO

  • Secretary,  Heidi  Wigand-Nicely,  Monument, CO

  • Treasurer, Mike Vitek,               Larkspur, CO

  • Member at Large,                          Bill Tannenbaum, Bailey, CO 

  • Member at Large, Fran Purkey,  Pine Bluffs, Wyoming

Advisory Council
  • John Anderson, Colorado Springs, CO

  • Steve Bain, Denver, CO

  • Natalie Cole McDonald, Elbert, CO

  • Vickie Danielsen,  Englewood, CO

  • Cindy Goodburn, Denver, CO

  • Krystal Matyi, Colorado Springs/  Black Forrest

  • Steve Nelson, Littleton, CO

  • Janet Shown, Buffalo Creek, CO

  • Kelly Tannenbaum, Conifer, CO

  • Kay Van Cleave, Bailey, CO

Physical Address: NASTaP @ Glen Isle Resort, 573 Old Stagecoach Road, Bailey, CO 80421

Mailing Address: NASTaP, P.O. Box 609, Indian Hills, CO 80454 * 720-924-1060 * info@nastap.org

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Ancient pictographs tell stories of the ancient ones in Ute Mountain Tribal Park near Cortez. Photo used with permission from Janet Shown.