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NASTaP focuses on cultural revitalization, the gathering and sharing of knowledge about history, languages, traditions, customs and inherent values of Native American Indian cultures. This includes rediscovering, acknowledging and preserving sacred places and culturally modified trees. The aim is to build respectful relationships between Native and non-Native peoples with strong emphasis on supporting Native American youth in their cultural revitalization and preservation. We strive to spread mindful awareness and are inclusive of all cultures in our membership.

A Message from

Dr. James Jefferson

Ute Elder and NASTaP CoFounder

As I look at it, we indigenous people have a different view about life that has been taken away from us by the government, that is lost by the majority of the Native American society. Only a few of us retain this different view, but we are not able to express to anyone. Everything is changing with time as we try to retain our original Sovereignty that was given to us by the Creator. No one person or Tribal group believes the same way as story tellers change the original version depending on where they live. Language, customs and traditions change from the original version as we get more modern.